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Fighting Human Trafficking

Stop Slavery

We started Stop Slavery in 2009 as a means to fight human trafficking. Among other projects we currently have missionaries in Thailand, India and Cambodia.


I started Leadercast.com as one of the first Leadership Podcasts in 2005.In 2009 I sold it to Giant Impact which they now use as their brand for their yearly leadership training event.

DTS Discipleship Training School

Cadence Discipleship Ministries (LifeCompass)

One of the steps on the way to launching CEO Shortcut was that I wanted to get experience in making disciples in an intensive, life on life, program. We started a Discipleship Training School in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2011 and ran it for 3 years before turning it over to our teammates that we had recruited to help us. This school is still running in Chiang Mai if you are looking for a DTS not focused on business.


This is the site that I have used to explain more about the Birkman that I use in training events and as a business card for some of my speaking.



CoCoaching.co is an online training course to teach people how to coach one another to greatness and reaching their peak potential. It is also known as peer coaching and something that I still participate in even though I have had coaches for 15 years (paid and free) and I still have cocoaching meetings today.

Buddy’s Personality Reports

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I love helping people to discover their unique calling that they bring to the Kingdom of God.  For the last 15 years my favorite subject to train and coach on has been Identity, Calling and Destiny which is a large part of CEO Shortcut and I think one of the ways that I bring the most value to the Kingdom of God.

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Buddy’s Leadership Values

*Live life passionately.  Passionately pursue the things you are on the planet to do.  

*Competent & Responsible  *Able to accomplish the responsibilities of the role OR the ability and desire to learn how to do them.  Follows through on commitments. 

*Take Initiative and Risk, Be Proactive *Willing to try new things to improve on what has been done in the past without prompting of others.

*Openness & Honesty  *Be willing to talk about tough issues and be open about our lives with one another.

*Growing/Learning/Moving Forward *Desire to grow, learn, improve and be the best you can be.

*Everyone working in their gifts and strengths *As much as possible we want to have you working in the areas that you are gifted in and that strengthen you.  We want you to be fulfilling your God given dreams.  

*Work smart and hard.  There’s no reason to burn yourself out but also work should be something that is fun to do if things are running well.  

My expectations of teammates:

*That you will work hard and to the best of your ability.

*That you will let me know if there is anything you need from me.

*That you will be thoughtful, considerate and kind to others while encouraging them to reach levels they haven’t attained in the past.  

*That you will be working on personal growth.

How I need your Input:

*Directly, don’t need to beat around the bush.

*Bullet points especially when talking business, longer meetings for relational issues.  

*Activator.  Want to deal with problems as soon as you are ready.

Life Theme:

Facilitating a Disciple Making Movement Through Business

Connect with me at

Phone: 540.632.1759

Email: buddy@rathmell.com